Evita Goze

Life in Japan

Posted in dear diary, Japan, photography studies by evitagoze on June 23, 2012

I could swear that time in Japan goes much faster than in the other side of globe. My most used sentences are not “I don’t understand” and “Weird..” anymore. I recognise more and more faces in university and have even started to remember Japanese personal names. I can understand, hmm .. let me think, maybe about hundred words in Japanese (counting till ten, weekdays and months of the year included. Yes, I’m ashamed!). I live from rice and I’m addicted to japanese sweet daifuku mochi (have to mention green tea kitkats as well. However, they seem to have disappeared from earth since the beginning of May). Japan has the most exciting second hand shops I have ever seen and the loudest frogs.

There are only two weeks left till our exhibition opening and only five till the day when I have to go to airport to fly back to England. I spend most of my days between university and home. Learning, reading, writing, taking pictures, fighting with mosquitos and counting millimeters and struggling with dust in the darkroom.

Unfortunately I can’t share any of my work here yet as it all is on paper, not digital, because I don’t have any possibility to scan my negatives in university, but I’ll work on that when I’m back in Europe. Japan probably is the most expensive country where to do analog photography.

Nagoya University of Arts.

With Margaux on our rooftop.

Rooftop nightime.

Rooftop nighttime. Margaux posing.

Margaux still posing.