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Posted in dear diary, exhibitions, Japan by evitagoze on June 4, 2012

Some while ago, during the Golden Week holidays in Japan we (I think in the last few months I have been using “we” more often than “I”, and with “we” I mean the exchange student bunch – myself, Fionn, Margaux and Hannah) went to Tokyo.

I fell in love with it from the first sight. It’s lights, craziness and energy made my heart beat faster.

We booked a night bus in the last minute and and hit the road without a return ticket and without knowing where we are going to stay apart from the first night. However, thanks to the all amazing people we met in Tokyo and who made our experience of city unforgettable, we had no need to spend our nights in park. Wide streets, impressive architecture, huge TV screens on the crossroads, lazy afternoons in parks, dancing till the morning light, karaoke (of course!) talking bridges and escalators, train lines above your head, cozy cafes, never ending lines of vintage shops, food prepared in the front of your eyes, hidden bars and galleries, impossible to find without an iphone as the western understanding of addresses doesn’t work in Japan. “Tokyo has taught me that in life everything is possible,” told my friend who has been living there for several years. I can only agree.

We ended up hitchhiking  back in the very last day before our uni started again, whining that we want to move to Tokyo.

First morning in Tokyo

Asakusa Kannon temple

Margaux being very cute and me

Lee Bul

 View from Mori Art Museum