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Last weekend we went to Kyoto, one of the major cities in Japan, and met up with guys from Brighton University – Theo, Chris and Ryan, who are currently traveling around Japan.

In contrast to Nagoya, Kyoto was spared from much of the destruction of World War II as it was removed from the atomic bomb target list. It has around 2000 religious places – 1600 Buddhist temples and 400 Shinto shrines, as well as palaces, gardens and historical architecture. Unfortunately we had too little time to see everything we wrote down in our notebooks, but we managed to walk around the city and to visit Imperial gardens, Kinkakuji – the Golden Pavilion and Ryoanji, Zen Buddhists temple famous for its rock garden with 15 boulders. From any angle, only 14 are visible. And in the evening – to have a few biers with hundreds of japanese, getting drunk in the park under cherry blossom trees.

The Golden Pavilion by Margaux

As all the hostels in the town were booked, we decided to spend the night in karaoke booth. I guess, it’s clear that we didn’t go to sleep. I compensated for that the next morning by almost falling asleep in manga cafe, sleeping on the bench, in the train, on the steps leading to Shinto shrine in mountains outside of Kyoto in the village called Kurama and finally – having a nap completely naked by the pool, filled with hot spring water. The Japanese bath house, called an onsen, was amazing. In the beginning we had all the pool, sun and the view on mountains only for the three of us (man and woman use separate sections obviously), but after waking up I discovered that also an old japanese lady has joined us. She claimed to be 90 years old, but I’m afraid that something got lost in translation there. However, who knows, maybe regular visits in onsen do miracles. Unfortunately I missed her entrance in huge kimono and hair, done up like geisha’s, as I was told afterwards.

Japanese color woodblock print of a bath house with women and children

Our trip ended with a crazy run through the central train station in Kyoto. Good news – we didn’t miss our bus back to Nagoya and I didn’t even get burnt.

Another version of the story by Fionn.

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