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Me by Olivia Poppy Coles

Posted in exhibitions, my modeling career, photography, photography studies by evitagoze on June 17, 2012

A photograph with me looking like a boy by wonderful Olivia Poppy Coles from her graduation project in University of Brighton, stolen from her blog. You can still make it to the BA graduates show in London that opens in a few days.


Photographs From The War In Afghanistan

Posted in exhibitions, photography, writings by evitagoze on July 5, 2011

Latvian online photography magazine fotokvartals.lv has published my article on an exhibition I saw in Tate Gallery, London: “Burke + Norfolk: Photographs From The War In Afghanistan”. Sorry, only in latvian. I also greatly recommend to watch the short movie regarding Simon Norfolk’s work on this project. You can find it on Tate Channel.

Berlin, exhibitions and almost Harry Potter

Posted in exhibitions, photography by evitagoze on January 20, 2011

Due to winter break and Christmas, nothing much has been going on in university lately. Our Photography and Place project is approaching the end and also is my first term in University of Brighton. I’m spending this week photoshopping and printing, so hopefully soon I’m gonna be ready to share my project with you.

Before the Christmas break started, we went to see the exhibition of british photographer Tony Ray Jones in Christ’s Hospital School in Sussex, where he used to be a pupil.

Tony Ray-Jones: Beauty Contest, Southport, 1967

It was not just a rare opportunity to see his work, but also an amazing chance to have a glance inside a british boarding school. For a moment I felt like in a middle of the movie. Harry Potter, for example.

(Photos by Paul Butkus)


Week 8, 9 and London

Posted in exhibitions, photography, photography studies by evitagoze on December 9, 2010

After the presentation of Identity project we had a week off. Well, technically it was a reading week, meaning no lectures, but a lot of independent studying, although everybody seemed to approached it as a week off.

However, me and Anna used a bit extended weekend to go to Vision photo festival in London with such a guest speakers as Tom Hunter, Jonas Bendiksen and also George Georgiou who I met last summer in ISSP workshop in Latvia and who was giving there a talk about his latest work In the Shadow of the Bear. So afterwards we had a small, nice ISSP meet-up  for a few drinks (Vanessa was there as well!)

Greetings to George (by Gavin A Fernandes)


Week 4 and 5

Posted in exhibitions, photography, photography studies by evitagoze on October 31, 2010

Well, this is gonna be a quite long post. Since I have found a job (the worst one in my life, I think) I hardly can find some time to sleep so it’s not going so well with updating my blog either.

I’m still spending two or three days of my week in b&w lab developing films and printing pictures for Identity project (soon I hope to spend some days in a scanning room as well so I could share them with you). We have to give it in in two weeks and last Friday was our last group critic.

Last week we also went to Bexhill (a town not too far away from Brighton) to see an exhibition Myth, Manners and Photography: Photograpers of the American South at the De La Warr Pavilion including works of Walker Evans, Susan Lipper, Alec Soth, William Eggleston, William Christenberry and Carrie Mae Weems.

William Eggleston

Alec Soth

Susan Lipper


Brighton Photo Biennial

Posted in exhibitions, photography by evitagoze on October 7, 2010

Last weekend there was an opening of Brighton Photo Biennial: New Documents, curated by Martin Parr. Myself and my friend and course-mate Anna volunteered one afternoon in the ticket booth and got a great possibility to hear some of the artist’s talks. Later in the evening we went to a few exhibition openings, saw in a face and talked to some photographers whose work we knew before, but just a week ago we would never have dreamt actually to talk to them.

I still haven’t seen all the exhibitions, but I have some favourites already: Suzanne Opton (USA), Alejandro Chaskielberg (Argentina) and some pictures of Rinko Kawauchi (Japan).

Earlier this year Alec Soth was denied permission to work in the UK, so he dedicated this task to his seven-year-old daughter Carmen. The final work is a collaboration between them: Carmen taking pictures and Alec Soth giving her directions and editing.

Flocking starlings at Brighton Pier by Rinko Kawauchi (Murmuration).