Evita Goze

Montage and Appropriation. Surrealism

Posted in photography, photography studies by evitagoze on March 6, 2011

Recently In Historical and Critical Studies we have been talking about allegorical strategies that involve quoting or directly taking and using already existing images. We also discussed photography’s important role in Surrealist art practice that privileged the unconscious mind over rational thought. The key texts for these lectures were Seven Types of Appropriation by David Evans and Photomontage by Raoul Hausmann in Appropriation, The Myth of Surrealism in Portfolio no.39 and Photography and Surrealism by David Bate.

Some of the artists we looked at:

Gustav Klucis, Electrification of the Entire Country, 1920

Hannah Hoch, Cut with the Kitchen Knife, 1919

Alexander Rodchenko, Knigi, 1925

John Heartfield, Goering the Executioner, 1933

John Heartfield, Millions Stand Behind Me, 1934

Richard Prince, Untitled (Cowboys), 1980-84

Peter Kennard, from Decoration, 2006

John StezakerMarriage (Film Portrait Collage) XXXII, 2007

Rene Magritte, This is not a pipe, 1926

Man Ray, Dust Breeding, 1920

Lee Miller, Portrait of Space, 1937

Francesca Woodman


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