Evita Goze

Semester II. Allegory

Posted in photography, photography studies by evitagoze on February 28, 2011

Right now we are in the middle of Allegory project in which we have to think about directed, staged, performed and manipulated image, the construction of meaning in an image, symbolism, narrative, rhetoric and fantasy through the making of a body of photographic work, supported by weekly group crits and several studio workshops.

Suggested readings include The Studio Image, Just Looking and The Arts of Reproduction by David Campany in Art and Photography, The Cinematic by David Campany, Appropriation ed. by David Evans, Playing in the Fields of the Image in Photography at the Dock by Abigail Solomon – Godeau, Blasted Allegories ed. by Brian Wallis and The Gothic ed. by Gilda Williams.

Some of the artists we talked about:

Anne Hardy

Olivier RichonGeneric still life, with lobster, 2008

Indre Serpytyte, from A State of Silence, 2006

Noemie Goudal, from Les Amants, 2010

Neeta Madahar, Falling, 2005

Alongside the Allegory project we also have Historical and Critical Studies: Image as Document/Fiction. The introductory lecture provided an overview of allegory in the visual arts through examples from painting, photography and film. The key texts for this lecture were “Allegory” in The Penguin Dictionary of Critical Theory and The Allegorical Impulse by Craig Owens in Beyond Recognition.

Some of the images we looked at:

Karen KnorrThe Kings Reception, Chateau Chambord from Fables, 2005-2006

Titian, An Allegory of Prudence, about 1550-1565

Bronzino, An Allegory with Venus and Cupid, 1540-50

Gustave Courbet, The Artists Studio, a real allegory summing up seven years of my artistic and moral life between 1854 and 1855

Jeff Wall, The Destroyed Room, 1978

Eugene Delacroix, The Death of Sardanapalus, 1827

Cindy Sherman, from Untitled Film Stills, 1979

Still from Stalker by Andrey Tarkovsky, 1979

Hiroshi Sugimoto, Anne Boleyn, 1999

Tom Hunter, Woman Reading Possession Order, 1998

Johannes Vermeer, Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window, c.1657

Anna Gaskell, Untitled, 1996

Tess Hurrell, from Chaology, 2006

Ori Gersht, Blow Up, 2007


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