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Berlin, exhibitions and almost Harry Potter

Posted in exhibitions, photography by evitagoze on January 20, 2011

Due to winter break and Christmas, nothing much has been going on in university lately. Our Photography and Place project is approaching the end and also is my first term in University of Brighton. I’m spending this week photoshopping and printing, so hopefully soon I’m gonna be ready to share my project with you.

Before the Christmas break started, we went to see the exhibition of british photographer Tony Ray Jones in Christ’s Hospital School in Sussex, where he used to be a pupil.

Tony Ray-Jones: Beauty Contest, Southport, 1967

It was not just a rare opportunity to see his work, but also an amazing chance to have a glance inside a british boarding school. For a moment I felt like in a middle of the movie. Harry Potter, for example.

(Photos by Paul Butkus)

Afterwards I went to Berlin where in between meeting old friends and going out I saw a few exhibitions as well:

Stephen Shore previously unseen works from the series Uncommon Places, in addition to a number of pages from his Road Trip Journal in Spruth Magers Berlin.

Stephen Shore, Dunes Motel, US-97, Bend, Oregon, July 20, 1973

Martina Hoogland Ivanow, Far Too Close

(You can read my short interview with her in fotokvartals.lv)

Carsten Höller’s installation SOMA with 12 reindeer, 24 canaries, 8 mice and 2 flies in Hamburger Bahnhof Museum, where he explores the myth of soma – a drink with healing properties known among Verdic nomads in North India in the 2nd millennium BCE that promised enlightenment and access to the divine sphere. By the way, you can still see it – till 6 February.

Still on display is also work of Nan Goldin in Berlinische Gallerie (till 28 March).

And after coming back to England last weekend me and Anna went to Towner gallery in Eastbourne, a small town close to Brighton, to see an exhibition Here, There, Everywhere with works of  Wolfgang TillmansClare Richardson, Richard Billingham and Rut Blees Luxemburg.

Clare Richardson, Harlemville


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