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Second Week in University

Posted in photography studies by evitagoze on October 11, 2010

One more week has passed by so quickly: more introductions, a few lectures and first developed roll of b&w film. And a pile of library books where I step in when I try to get out of the bed.
In Historical and Critical Studies last Monday we talked about origins and histories of photographic image and that despite to common-sense assumption, photography is actually very difficult to define.
Some of the pictures we looked at:

Jan Vermeer, Allegory of Painting, 1632

Jan Vermeer, Officer and Girl Laughing, 1655

Juan Sanchez Cotan, Still Life with Cabbage Quince, Melon and Cucumber, 1600

Joseph Nicephore Niepce, View from Window at Gras, c. 1826

Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre, View of the Boulevard du Temple, 1839

Hippolyte Bayard, Self Portrait As a Drowned Man, 1840

Honore Daumier, Nouveau Procede, 1856

Julia Margaret Cameron, Ophelia, 1867

Stephen Shore, Ginger Shore, 1977

Rineke Dijkstra, Stephanie, 2003

In Light Exposure Camera workshop we repeated some basic photography technics, but on Friday we had individual tutorials (in groups of 3-4) where we discussed our ideas for Identity project and in the end of this week we need to show some portraits already (in b&w grrgh). Till now I have basically taken some romantic pictures of Anna by the sea and feel a bit lost. (It’s not like I wouldn’t like romantic pictures at all, never, but…)

And this weeks discovery: Swedish photographer Martina Hoogland Ivanow


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  1. tas kungs said, on October 15, 2010 at 12:37 PM

    kaapeec te viss aarzemju valodaa, jaunkundz?

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